Advice on how to find a hotel in Ljubljana


Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia in Europe, is a relaxing travel destination that is a real breath of fresh air. It differs from the heavily populated tourist spots where vacations are comprised of snapping photos, constantly being on the go and the need for a vacation after the vacation.

Ljubljana is a charmingly beautiful city full of rich green land and beautiful flowers. Thousands of sparkling lights grace the streets, stores and houses for the Christmas holidays. Traditional Slovenian foods and drinks are sold by street vendors along the banks of the Ljubljanica River.

Whether you are visiting Ljubljana on business, for its galleries and museums, for the Tromostovje, designed by Jože Plečnik, or simply exploring its impressive natural beauty on foot, you will need a Ljubljana hotel that will perfectly suit your needs.

Luxury Hotels in Ljubljana

Antiq Hotel: Antiq Hotel is a perfect choice for family vacations, business travel, honeymoons and other romantic vacations. The price for a room is about $250 per night.

Grand Hotel Union: This hotel in Ljubljana is the ultimate hotel as far as luxury is concerned. Union is a perfectly posh option, particularly for business travel and senior travel. The price ranges around $208 per night.

Monsadria Pule Estate: This option is another upscale lodging selection Ljubliana, Slovenia. The average price per night is around $280.

Mid-Budget Hotels in Ljubljana

M Hotel: M Hotel offers convenient access to the train station, which makes it a perfect spot for business travel. The rooms are moderately priced at around $140 a night.

Hotel Stil: This hotel Ljubljana has received good ratings from visitors. The price for lodging is around $120 per night.

Mons: Mons offers beautifully designed rooms and combined with beautifull architecture. The price per night is around $130 per night.

Budget Hotels in Ljubljana

Bit Center Hotel: This hotel in Ljubljana is a great budget option that is priced under $50 per night. This is a great option for backpackers and students who are studying abroad.

Hotel Medno: Located 10km from downtown Ljubljana, so it is a lower priced option, perfect for hiking, cycling and walking to enjoy the attractions in downtown Ljubljana. Hotel Medno is priced under $100 per night.