Landing at Aerodrom Ljubljana

Brnik landing

The Slovenia-based Aerodrom Ljubljana is in the business of airport management. They provide a variety of services including passenger connections and the transport of cargo. Under their umbrella, they offer management of airports, take-offs and landings for commercial airlines, use of terminals and supporting infrastructure, ground operations, as well as supplying retail, food and parking for airport properties. The company operates out of the Republic of Slovenia.

Crown Jewel Property

The company’s biggest property is the Aerodrom Ljubljana airport in Slovenia, which more commonly goes under Ljubljana Brnik Airport. The name changed in 2007, but since the airport had operated under the name Ljubljana Brnik since 1963, locals still use the old name at times. The village of Brnik is the closest city to this airport, which underwent a major renovation in the early 2000s.

Getting from the Airport to the City

The airport is conveniently connected to the city by the A2 highway. It is about 19km north of Ljubljana and takes about 30 minutes by car. There is also a bus service into the city from the airport, which makes several scenic stops along the way at local villages. This will take a bit longer than by car, about 1.5 hours depending on stops and traffic. Another budget alternative is a shuttle bus, which can be found outside the main terminal in the arrivals exit area. Travelers may want to utilize a taxi service, which is the easiest way for tourists to get into town. Taxi companies usually offer a flat rate of about €41. Be advised that travelers should always confirm the price of the trip before getting into a taxi.

Aerodrom Ljubljana Rental Cars

Several American agencies offer car rentals at this airport. It is best to check what kind of documentation one will need to provide at the counter to ensure that they are licensed to drive in Slovenia.

The car rental agencies on site are:

  • Atet- Advantage rent-a-car
  • AVIS
  • Dollar & Thrifty Car Rental
  • Europcar – ABC
  • Herts – AMZS Rent
  • Avant Car
  • Sixt Rent-a-car

Nearby Hotels

Since this is a fairly small airport, there are no hotels located directly on property. Since the city is only a half an hour away, it is best to book a room within the city of Ljubljana. Many chains service this area and offer shuttle service to-and-from the airport. Recognizable hotel chains like Best Western and Hilton all operate properties in this city, and there are many options from one-star to five in choice of stays. Travelers may want to consults the amenities and ratings list on the hotels website for specific information about the property.

Things to Do in Ljubljana

Once travelers have made their way from the airport to the city, they will find a wealth of things to do and places to visit. There is old world architecture to enjoy, trendy cafes and restaurants, parks, museums and river cruises. The most famous park is The Tivoli, which is part of the center of the city. There are activities such as tennis, swimming and football, as well as tours of the famous Cekin Castle — which is located at the top of the park.

Among the museums Ljubljana has to offer is the Brewery Museum, established in 1987. If beer is not your thing, Slovenia is known for its 14 wine growing districts. Visitors can tour over 30 “wine roads” and taste their way through an assortment of Slovenia varietals.

Golf Holidays

Recently, Slovenia has become a popular destination for golfers. There are eight golf courses located in the greater Ljubljana area. Many tour bookers offer holiday golf weekends in this region where they combine luxury hotel stays, play at some of the world’s best courses and five-star dining and shopping.

The next time one travels through the Aerodrom Ljubljana take pause and think of all the opportunities the city of Ljubljana has to offer. From ancient castles to medieval architecture, this is the perfect place to enjoy a holiday with friends or your family.