As Aperitivo Restaurant Ljubljana

As Aperitivo Ljubljana SloveniaAs Aperitivo Ljubljana SloveniaAs Aperitivo Ljubljana SloveniaAs Aperitivo Ljubljana SloveniaAs Aperitivo Ljubljana Slovenia


If you have spent time in Ljubljana, you know that there is a wealth of things to do in this area. If you are looking for good cuisine, you know that there is a variety of fine Ljubljana restaurants as well. If you generally enjoy Mediterranean food, you will almost definitely appreciate everything that the As Aperitivo Restaurant Ljubljana has to offer.

The symbol of this restaurant is a tree that is located between Wolfova and Slovenska streets in this city. The tree is seen to symbolize several core values that are considered important in the region, including family, tradition, integration, and growth. The As Aperitivo Restaurant has adopted this tree, along with symbols of keys, as its motif. Since the late 90s, this restaurant has been considered to be a pillar of the culinary world in this city. The unique and flavourful dishes that are served here, as well as the comprehensive list of some of the best wines that you will find anywhere in the city make this restaurant a place that allows people to truly enjoy themselves and experience decadence, even if only for a little while.

Light Mediterranean cuisine has become a major component in what the region offers to residents and visitors. This has been the case since events at Dutovlje in the Karst region; this was where Svetozar “Pope” Raspopović was first serving guests meals that consisted of seafood, pasta and high quality Karst wine in the later years of the 1980s. The Raspopović family was a large part of what started this restaurant in the first place, and it has become a place where people continue to come back repeatedly because they love the atmosphere, as well as everything that they will be consuming. They relish the light, cultivated food, as well as the wine selection, the aromas that characterise the place, and the atmosphere, which combines sophistication, passion, and Italian authenticity. The philosophy of the restaurant revolves around the use of ingredients that are simple in nature, yet high in quality. The hospitality of the staff will always make people feel right at home here.