Austria Trend Hotel Ljubljana

Austria Trend Hotel LjubljanaAustria Trend Hotel LjubljanaAustria Trend Hotel LjubljanaAustria Trend Hotel LjubljanaAustria Trend Hotel Ljubljana

What makes it Special?

If you have always wanted to visit Slovenia and plan on staying, whether for business or pleasure, it is important to have the right accommodations to make the experience even more enjoyable. The Austria Trend Hotel Ljubljana is one of the most extravagant and comfortable hotels available in the area, one that can define your stay with its luxurious rooms and surroundings. You can reach all of the main attractions of the city when you arrive at the hotel, and the polite and highly capable staff will be ready to serve you with whatever you may need. There are three distinct types of rooms that you may order, each of which can provide something different, ensuring total comfort during your trip as you get whatever you need done.

Austria Trend Comfort

These are among the most comfortable and enjoyable units that the hotel has to offer. All of them are guaranteed to be comfortable and attractively modern, with executive rooms available to provide you with all of the convenience you need during a busy trip. You will have access to the hotel’s facilities and enjoy a delicious breakfast every morning as it is created by the hotel itself.

Austria Trend Premium

This is one of the highest quality units that you can find at the Austria Trend Hotel Ljubljana. Here, you can expect to enjoy very spacious suites that feature a very high-class atmosphere. You will have access to conference rooms for a more convenient business experience, along with a kitchen that comes with wine and other delicacies, courtesy of the hotel. Every morning you will receive a traditional breakfast prepared by the hotel staff, completing the unique experience.

Austria Trend Smart

This suite is available for smart savers and travellers in mind. It features many of the same benefits as the other rooms, including stylish and comfortable surroundings, along with executive rooms and a delicious breakfast option, but all for a much cheaper price. You can choose to purchase this room when you want to experience what the city has to offer, and will not be spending much time in the hotel itself.