BIT Center Hotel Ljubljana

Hotel BITcenter Ljubljana SloveniaHotel BITcenter Ljubljana SloveniaHotel BITcenter Ljubljana SloveniaHotel BITcenter Ljubljana SloveniaHotel BITcenter Ljubljana Slovenia

BIT Center is located in Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia. In 2012, this hotel was renovated to give rise to great accommodation at reasonable prices. This hotel has proximity to a post office, various restaurants and bars, a huge shopping mall, movie theatres, and water parks, thereby offering a central accommodation to a variety of Ljubljana visitors.

Accommodation structure

Bit Center Hotel Ljubljana is a combination of hotel accommodation and a youth hostel. The hotel has a total of 39 rooms consisting of single, triple bed rooms, and double rooms. Each room has clean beddings, free Wi-Fi, a toilet/bathroom and a flat-screen TV. Clients can request additional air conditioning for their room. The youth hostel, on the other hand, has a 35 beds capacity, split into multiple or double bedrooms. Each of the youth hostel rooms has a free shower and free Wi-Fi with Internet access and information boards located in the lobbies. Both the hotel and the youth hostel have ample car parking spaces.

Additional amenities

In addition to the clean rooms, TV and Wi-Fi, all the guests in the youth hostel and the hotel can enjoy the sauna and the gym, as well as the hotel’s BIT Cafe & Lounge. The guests can also get manicure and massage within the premises, not to mention they can enjoy a variety of sports at only 50% of the price these facilities charge. Some of the sports that guests can enjoy in this hotel include aerobics, squash and badminton.


This Ljubljana hotel offers its guests stellar customer service. The professional, yet friendly hotel personnel attend each guest’s enquiries and physical needs to make their stay as comfortable as possible. All rooms are maintained at highly hygienic conditions.

The Perfect Accommodation

2 km from the Ljubljana centre is the BIT hotel that offers travellers clean and comfortable accommodations at competitive prices. The premises host a 39-bed capacity hotel and a 35-bed youth hostel. Accommodation is characterized by free Wi-Fi, a variety of sports, TV, and stellar customer service. Bookings of rooms can be made online, via phone or in person.