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BTC City Ljubljana is a large urban centre that has quickly into the most prominent Slovenian centre for business, recreational activities, shopping, culture, and entertainment. With everything that it has to offer, BTC City now equals the biggest centres in Europe for this sort of activity. It also brings in an increasing number of individuals from other countries, including consumers, business partners, and visitors. This area boasts more than 450 different stores, more than 8,500 parking spaces, the Water park Atlantis, a market hall, a Millenium Sports Centre, a car wash, a Casino Rio, an Entertainment Centre Arena, and a Kolosej Multiplex Cinema. This is just the tip of the iceberg, as there are also many meeting points, bars, restaurants, and much more here.

BTC City Ljubljana is located in a prime area. It is easily accessible from the city centre, which is a mere three kilometres away. It is also very close to other parts of Slovenia and Ljubljana, including the Ljubljana motorway and bypass connections. Additionally, it is only 23 kilometres from the Jože Pučnik International Airport. The location is extremely convenient, meaning that all these amenities are not BTC City’s only advantages.

BTC City is very concerned with the happiness of all of the people who come to the area. One of the biggest perks of being in this city are the free parking spaces. Along with Kolosej, City Park, and two new parking houses, there are over 8,500 free parking spaces. These parking spaces usually have electronic surveillance as well, making them safer for all of the people who are using them. In the Citypark parking house, there are 1,270 free parking spaces, while in the BTC City parking house, there are 780 free parking spaces. There are also special parking spaces for disabled individuals, as well as roundabouts for superior traffic flow.

Additionally, there is a place where people who come to this location can go for information. They can go to the ground floor of Hall A to get to an Info Point, where there are helpful staff who will give anyone who comes to BTC City useful information about everything that the city has to offer, including stores and establishments. They will also furnish advertising material for BTC City, as well as the opportunity to buy BTC City and Waterpark Atlantis gift certificates.