Central Hotel Ljubljana

Central Hotel LjubljanaCentral Hotel LjubljanaCentral Hotel LjubljanaCentral Hotel LjubljanaCentral Hotel Ljubljana

Amenities, Dining & Services

As its name suggests, the Central Hotel Ljubljana is located in the centre of Ljubljana, Slovenia. Guests can easily walk to a nearby mass transit centre and some of the city’s top attractions. The hotel is also near eateries, shops and convenient parking facilities. It offers several types of accommodation.


This hotel features 71 single and double rooms. When booking a double room, a customer can choose to have two small beds or one large bed. Double units cost about 25 percent more. There are also three larger suites in this establishment; they contain two beds each.


All rooms include mini bars, cable television and Internet connections at no extra charge. Customers have access to a Finnish-style sauna, fitness equipment and a pool. If desired, the staff will wash and dry clothing. Motorists should keep in mind that the parking garage costs extra.

Pet Policy

Guests with canine or feline companions will appreciate this lodging establishment’s pet-friendly policies. For an extra fee, it allows up to two animals in each room. However, the hotel does not permit large, noisy or unattended pets. Animals must remain on leashes and stay out of the on-site eatery.


In the mornings, customers enjoy a freshly cooked meal in this hotel’s breakfast area. They can also visit Franky’s Bar throughout the day and evening. It is located on the first floor. Franky’s serves mixed drinks, desserts and quick snacks. This tavern closes at 11 o’clock on weekdays and 10 o’clock on weekends.


Three large rooms at the Central Hotel host various events, such as workshops, press conferences, presentations and receptions. The sixth-floor seminar hall holds groups of up to 100 participants. It features up-to-date technology and air conditioning. Attendees can venture outdoors on a nearby terrace.

The highly rated Hotel Central offers rooms and suites that accommodate a wide range of individuals, families and groups. Its kitchen primarily focuses on providing a breakfast buffet. Guests appreciate the hotel’s convenient location in the heart of Slovenia’s capital. At certain times of year, customers gain discounts by taking advantage of special holiday offers.