A comprehensive guide to Ljubljana’s view-spots

Ljubljana Relax

Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, is a perfect blend of German, Slovenian and Mediterranean culture. The town has a rich history and has been a top tourist destination due to the people’s hospitality and major tourist attractions. The city has tremendously grown to be the cultural, economic, educational, political and administrative center of Slovenia.


The old town is one of the top attractions where you can stroll along the riverside and have a sample of the city’s cuisine in some of the cafes and restaurants around. Explore the churches, bridges, farmer’s markets and of course, the castle. Ljubljana Old Town has it all. Another major attraction is the Preseren Square, a beautiful and vibrant square in the middle of the town.


There are plenty of top-of-the-range hotels in the city. Most hotels are conveniently located, with nice rooms and great service from hotel staff. Rates are also quite reasonable and you can get plenty of good deals if you search online. You can always make early bookings and choose accommodation options of your preference.

Tours and trips

Choose among several organized experiences to have a better feel of what Ljubljana has to offer. You will be spoiled for choice between Ljubljana stories, cycling tours, tourist train rides, and museum trade rides among others. Rafters also have the Raft ‘n Free which is an excursion that includes a raft rise down the Sava River.


Characterized by warm summers and moderately cold winters the city’s climate is mainly oceanic. The warmest months are in July and August whereas the coldest month is in January.


Despite the modern aura of big skyscrapers, the city’s architectural history is still intact. The city is built in a rather unique and breathtaking Vienna Secession style, which is blended with an earlier Baroque style of building.


Have a pick among an array of different fun activities in Slovenia’s capital. There are excellent opportunities for fresh-water fishing around beautiful surroundings. One can also get a taste of typical Ljubljana cuisine from various restaurants where traditional dishes are still being prepared using modern cooking methods.

All in all, the city has a wealth of cultural and historical sites, a picturesque countryside and stunning nature spots to enjoy an active holiday along with good food, among a great people.