Curry Life Figovec Restaurant Ljubljana

Figovec Ljubljana SloveniaFigovec Ljubljana SloveniaFigovec Ljubljana SloveniaFigovec Ljubljana SloveniaFigovec Ljubljana Slovenia


Curry Life Figovec Restaurant Ljubljana started out with a serious goal to change the views of people who come in of Slovenian Cuisine and Curry Cuisine. The dishes at this restaurant come from the traditional cuisine of the Moghul Empire. Here meat, fish, and chicken are prepared by cooking in an authentic tandoor clay oven. The kitchen allows people who come in to experience all sorts of aromas and flavours from the Indian sub-continent.

The chefs at this restaurant have a wealth of experience, and they have won awards as well. They hail from India and Britain and are able to add a British flair to the dishes.

People who come to this restaurant can expect comfortable, yet still sophisticated and stylish atmosphere as they enjoy their food. The cuisine here is of prime quality, yet still modestly priced. The location is a historic building that has been known to many for hundreds of years.

Gostilna Figovec has long been a well-loved destination for people who are seeking high quality Slovenian food. However, in an unfortunate twist, recently, the restaurant struggled due to the recent decline in the economy. Fortuitously, the restaurant has started over and created a place where popular international cuisine can be enjoyed in an atmosphere expressing the best of Slovenian culture.

The individuals who are now promoting the Curry Life Figovec Restaurant are determined to maintain the emphasis on the legacy and history of Figovec, which is evident when looking at the menu and the name of the restaurant itself. This is the start of a new generation of cuisine in Ljubljana and other European cities.

This Ljubljana restaurant is now the premier eatery in the area for international cuisine, and it is not limited to any boundary. The countries and cultures expressed in this restaurant include those of India, Malaysia, China, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and even England.

The staff here truly cares about challenging boundaries and building their trademark to provide customers with a truly incomparable dining experience, where people can enjoy the best of all worlds that are incorporated.