Daily trip to the Postojna cave and the Predjama castle

Postojna Cave in Slovenia

As you may have noticed, Slovenia is a very small (yet diverse) country. If you are staying in Ljubljana, you have a great starting point to discover all natural and cultural inheritance Slovenia has to offer.

One of the most visited places and favorite day trips for most of the tourists is a trip to the Postojna Cave and Predjama Castle. The Postojna Cave is one of a kind with its underground labyrinths, halls and caverns made by the Pivka River. First, you take an unforgettable train ride which takes you to the heart of the cave and then you walk through this breathtaking underground world. In the cave, you can see plenty of natural sights – from stalactites to stalagmites, dripstones and curtains.

Postojna Cave in Slovenia

If you’re lucky and with a good sight, you can have a glimpse of baby dragons – the olm a.k.a. the proteus. Another name fort the olm is human fish – it gained that name due to its color. The olm is a completely indigenous species, but you can visit it there. If you want to know more about the olm, its mating habits and other characteristics, read here.

While in the Postojna region, you must also visit the Predjama Castle. This majestic castle built in a solid rock offers a lot of tales. One of it is legend of the robber knight Erasmus. Walking through the castle’s halls and rooms, you can listen to the experienced guide telling you all the secrets, myths and legends. You can sneak peek to one of the legends here.

Predjama Castle in Postojna

Not to forget is that the bus, train or car ride to this region is an adventure in itself. Green scenery, beautiful houses and interesting local people tell their own story. If you decide to take a tour with small group of people, don’t hesitate to ask your chauffeur to stop the van so you can smell the unpolluted air of the Notranjska region.