Easy travel to Slovenia using the Ljubljana aerodrom


Air travel to Slovenia has never been easier. The Ljubljana airport is conveniently located about thirty minutes from the state capital. A great venue for the business traveler, arriving at the Ljubljana Aerodrome is simple and pleasant. Upon reaching this destination, it is easy to rent a car at an auto rental center with world recognized business names and reputations. With a central location near to the city center of Slovenia, the Ljubljana aerodrome is also located centrally enough that a business or vacation traveler can plan to reach Venice, Vienna or Salzburg in less than one day by car.

Eating at the airport can be a pleasurable fine dining experience, or a quick bite at a nearby bar or café. Meeting facilities from twenty to over one hundred people are available for conferences at the airport, making it a great choice for the business traveler who is short on time or needs the convenience of a fully functioning business location but does not know where to turn. Plenty of shopping is available, from world-class shops to Duty Free and countless other opportunities to pick up a book or souvenir.

Catching a flight to Ljubljana is as easy as calling a local airline or a search on the internet. Well-known international carriers, as well as some smaller regional airlines, provide service to the airport. With safety and security the number one priority at the aerodrome, it is easy to see why such carriers as Adria Airways, Air France, CSA Czech Airlines, Easy Jet, JAT Airways and Turkish Airlines all offer transport to the location. Upon arrival, passengers are welcomed to Slovenia with a display of beautiful artwork, provided by local artists proudly displaying their images of religious and cultural heritage.

Such conveniences enjoyed at the airport, are those that may be enjoyed in the most cosmopolitan cities, including services for the traveler who may require additional security or privacy. VIP and Business Club lounges are available, while those traveling with children are always welcome to use the play area, watch planes land, or take off in the visitors terrace. Traveling is made easy when a bank and post office have a nearby terminal location. Many modern conveniences expected by travelers with special needs or those with a family in tow can be enjoyed at the Ljubljana airport.

While the primary focus of the airport is to offer exceptional service to travelers, as well as serve the international freight needs of worldwide interests, the Ljubljana airport also continues to strive to meet the needs of an ever-increasing clientele. With a growing number of departures and arrivals, the airport facilitators make clear the desire to continue to grow and share the interests of the international community. With such a clear vision of potential growth, it is to be expected that the environmentally sustainable future that the airport management envisions for Slovenian travel is all but inevitable.