Your guide to the best Ljubljana hostels


For most tourists and visitors to foreign lands, staying in hotels is very convenient. This does not mean that there is no other option available. It is possible to stay in hostels instead of hotels. In fact, this is a convenient option in the sense that it is usually cheaper and has a local flavor to boot. In Ljubljana and other parts of Slovenia, staying in hostels is a popular choice. Fortunately, there are many reputable hostels in and around the city. Some of these hostels include the ones below.

Penzion Pod Lipo

This is one of the best hostels in the city of Ljubljana. This hostel is located in a quiet neighborhood in the grand old part of the city. The Penzion Pod Lipo offers double rooms with private bathrooms for each room. Other facilities here are internet access and a golf course for people who love this game.

The Zeppelin Hostel

This is definitely one of the best small Ljubljana hostels in the city. It is run by a team of travelers so it is expected that the people behind this hostel know exactly what travelers need. This hostel is located close to the city center and has modern facilities. Guests have access to internet and a book exchange library. There is also free advice on nightlife and local sights. Best of all, there is no curfew in this safe hostel so guests can enjoy nightlife to the max.

The Tresor Hostel

This hostel was formerly a conservative bank but now it has become a very lively and colorful hostel. It is a great choice for the international traveler who wants to stay close to the city center, meet people and enjoy all that Ljubljana has to offer.

Other hostels in Ljubljana include the ones below:


These are some of the best hostels in and around the city of Ljubljana. Travelers who have stayed in these hostels consider these places homes away from home. This is why they recommend these Ljubljana hostels to their friends.