Hostel Celica Ljubljana

Hostel Celica Ljubljana SloveniaHostel Celica Ljubljana SloveniaHostel Celica Ljubljana SloveniaHostel Celica Ljubljana SloveniaHostel Celica Ljubljana Slovenia

Spend the night behind bars in the hippest hostel in town

Hostel Celica is an artsy youth hostel located in the heart of Ljubljana. The funky hip hotel has received many international accolades for its outstanding cell rooms and unmatched hospitality. The hostel is located a short 5-minutes’ walking distance away from Ljubljana’s main bus station and main railway station and 8-minutes away from the Preseren square. This fancy hostel is much more than a hostel though.

A prison turned into unique hostel

Hostel Celica has its roots dating back to 1882 when it served as a military prison in the barracks of Metelkova Street. When Slovenia gained independence and the Yugoslav army departed in 1991, the Metelkova Network planned to convert the prison into a multicultural center comprising of a hostel, meeting place, art gallery and tourist attraction. With the help of Janko Jozic, a famous architect, and more than 80 other artists, Hostel Celica was converted into a multicultural center. Lonely Planet has voted the hostel as the ‘Hippest Hostel in the World’.

Everything that a traveller needs and much more

Hostel Celica has never lost its essence and has managed to retain its unique identity through the years. The hostel features 20 prison cells that serve as rooms. One prison cell has been turned into Point of Peace, where visitors can pray and meditate. There are altars for each of the world’s leading religions: Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, and Judaism. The hostel has it’s own art gallery and a small museum.The art gallery is located on the first floor where many debates, workshops, concerts and various cultural events take place every day. Some of the highlights of Hostel Celica include:

  • 24-Hour Reception
  • 2- and 3-bedded cells, 4- and 5-bedded rooms, and 7- and 12-bedded dorms
  • Buffet breakfast
  • Bar and Restaurant
  • Laundry facilities
  • Art gallery
  • Oriental café
  • Meeting rooms
  • Guided tour of the hostels
  • Free internet

There’s nothing common about the common areas

Hostel Celica has many common spaces. Several of its dining rooms merge into a large patio. The reception acts as a tourists contact center where visitors can have their questions answered. There is a sitting area and a common kitchen underneath the skylight located on the top floor where you can relax and chat with your friends.

Hostel Celica is truly one of the most unique hostels around. With its excellent service, great amenities and expansive facilities, the hostel is perfectly cut out for great meeting experiences.