Hostel Tivoli Ljubljana

Hostel Tivoli Ljubljana SloveniaHostel Tivoli Ljubljana SloveniaHostel Tivoli Ljubljana SloveniaHostel Tivoli Ljubljana SloveniaHostel Tivoli Ljubljana Slovenia


If a visitor is searching for quality Ljubljana hostels, then Hostel Tivoli Ljubljana might be ideal for his or her needs. People who are looking for quick accommodation in Ljubljana often turn to this inexpensive lodging option. Hostel Tivoli Ljubljana is new and has a convenient locale near Tivoli Park. It’s merely a brief stroll away both from the Old Town and from the area’s primary bus and train station.

The hostel, which was just furnished, can accommodate a maximum of 21 individuals. The rooms can hold 2, 8 and 11 individuals. The rooms that can hold 8 and 11 individuals both come with lockers where guests can store their luggage and other personal belongings.

Guests are permitted to enjoy the conveniences of a common area. The cosy common area features wireless high-speed Internet access, cable television, a computer nook and comfortable sofas. Guests are also permitted to use the hostel’s full kitchen and roomy bathroom. Comfort is a big focus at the Hostel Tivoli. Guests of the hotel can relax with house ventilation and air conditioning.

Hostel Tivoli is ideal for travellers who want to enjoy the scenery and heritage of Ljubljana. It’s also ideal for travellers who need to visit the region to visit meetings, global conferences and sporting events. The hostel makes a highly convenient and centrally located home base for all of those kinds of activities.

The staff at the Hostel Tivoli are courteous and eager to please their guests. If guests have any questions, they’re always happy to answer them. They are very familiar with Ljubljana and surrounding areas and therefore can provide guests with an abundance of useful information and tips. Reception is open each day between the hours of 8:00 and 22:00. Guests who arrive at the hotel outside of that time frame can tell the staff via phone or email. Once the staff members are alerted, they will then make preparations for the guests’ late check in.

Hostel Tivoli is a comfortable and clean Ljubljana lodging option that’s suitable for people who want a safe, pleasant and clean place to stay.