Hotel Emonec Ljubljana

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A Great Choice

Ljubljana, Slovenia’s capital, is a beautiful city. There are wonderful attractions, great restaurants, and chic bars that attract visitors all around the year. Finding accommodation is not difficult; in fact, a number of great hotels are spread throughout the city. One of best is Hotel Emonec.

Its location is brilliant

The reason why Hotel Emonec Ljubljana is a great choice is its location. It is located in one of the most central positions in the capital. In fact, many of the city’s attractions are just a short walk away from the hotel, and just outside it is Ljubljana’s famous Presern Square and the old city.

Just 650 meters away is the National Gallery of Slovenia. Additionally, the Ljubljana Castle is just 900 meters away. Both of these are must-visits for any tourist in the city, making this hotel an excellent choice.

On top of all this, there are cafes, restaurants and pastry shops just a few steps away from the hotel.

Many great features

One of the most defining features of hotels these days is free Wi-fi, and Hotel Emonec offers it to all its guests. This is extremely helpful for business travelers since they need to be connected at all times. It is also very useful for families and young travelers.

If one is traveling with his or her motorbike, then Hotel Emonec’s free parking offer is excellent. The bike can be kept in the hotel courtyard free of charge. For those traveling with their cars, garage options are available for a price.

In addition, there is a laundry service and telephone and satellite television in every room. Quite interestingly, there is also a massage chair, which is free for 15 minutes a day. It is fantastic for those who need to unwind after a long journey.

Hotel Emonec is a wonderful choice if one is looking for a place to stay in Ljubljana. It offers a central location and great features for all kinds of travelers.