Ljubljana Castle: a look into the past

Ljubljana castle a look into the past

When traveling to Ljubljana, there are many attractions and sights to take in, including river cruises, tours through the city center and historical places, and tours to several local restaurants, to experience the culture through cuisine. However, for a unique experience, consider visiting the Ljubljana Castle.

Representing the Slovenian capital

The castle is a medieval fortress that stands just outside the city center. It also serves as a grand representation of the Slovenian capital. The grounds and quarters offer a unique glimpse into history, while the architecture, trimmings, and landscape paint a picture of what it might have been like to experience life in the grand structure. Visitors can use their imaginations to envision what a day in the life of a castle dweller might have been like, for men and women.

Activities and events year round

The Ljubljana Castle offers events and activities year round. If the trip is planned at the right time, tourists may be able to experience the magic of the site. Visitors are able to experience the romantic history of the castle by viewing three short films of heroes and their roles within and outside the castle walls. The film is designed to invoke the imagination.

Classical music events

From October through January, visitors can experience classical guitar, flute, or piano concerts. Concerts are held at 7 or 8 pm, depending on which music is preferred. The castle also includes a mini theater for dramas and other forms of entertainment.

Time machine guided tour

Those who want to further experience the history of the castle can take the guided Time Machine tour. This event provides a historical picture of the castle’s use through six different periods in time. Visitors are met in the courtyard by characters dressed for the appropriate period. They are later met by the mayor or his daughter. The mayor purchased the castle to preserve the city’s history.

Visit the castle

At nearly any time the castle is open, visitors can walk through the castle and view many different points of interest, such as viewing towers, the penitentiary, the cathedral, or the courtyard. The castle often has age appropriate events to interest children as well.