Ljubljana is a great tourist locale


If you are planning to take a trip to Ljubljana, either for personal or business purposes, consider finding accommodations at Hotel Park Ljubljana. It is beautiful, centrally located and spacious as well.Have a drink at the hotel bar and take in some entertainment at the Heart of the Park Hotel. The food is excellent, and the staff shows great customer service. While you are there, enjoy the thriving cultural aspects and events of the area. In addition, you can view the gorgeous historical architecture, such as castles and churches.

Dragon Bridge is simply amazing, with its dragon statues and the bridge itself, designed in Art Nouveau style. It truly is an architectural wonder to behold. Jurij Zaninovic is the architect who designed this bridge.

Several musical events that go on every year in Ljubljana. Among these is the Ljubljana Festival, which is held in Krizanke. It happens during the summer holidays, and many people come from the local area and from abroad to attend. It was awarded the Golden Honorary Medal of Freedom due to the success the planners have had in organizing and presenting it as an attraction of great artistic merit. At the festival, you can enjoy ballet, opera, classical music and other various art forms that are presented by artists from numerous countries around the world.

Take a trip to the Postojna Cave in the city of Postojna, which is relatively close to Ljubljana, around 50km to the southwest. The Postojna Cave is among the longest and most beautiful caves around the world. View the natural wonders as you ride on the train through the underground vaults. This is perfect for individuals and families who enjoy going on unique adventures.

The city center is the true hub of this charming city. It includes Ljubljana Castle, Park Tivoli, Congress Square, Old Town and more. It is only a short walking trip or ride to the museums, shops, restaurants, and bars that are in abundance.

If you need to travel around Slovenia or surrounding countries, Ljubljana is a convenient location for you to have your more permanent lodging as it is right at the heart of this region. The sights, cultural attractions and the people definitely make it a worthwhile place to visit, even if it is for a short while.