A quick look at Ljubljana museums

mestni muzej

Ljubljana in Slovenia has a rich culture and history that has made it popular with tourists from various parts of the world. Visitors can learn more about the culture, history and architecture of Slovenia by visiting Ljubljana museums. Here are some of the popular museums in Ljubljana:

National museum of contemporary history

Unlike modern museums, this one is set inside an 18th century mansion in Tivoli Park. Attractions include old pieces of clothing, photographs, and household items that show the evolution of Slovenia over the years. Although the exhibition is in Slovenian, there are local guides who offer translations. The entrance fee is €8.00 for families, €3.50 for adults and €2.50 for children.

Railway museum

If you love the locomotives that ruled the world during the industrial revolution, you have to visit the Railway museum. It houses locomotives that date as far back as 1861. This is in addition to a wide range of old railway-related signal equipment uniforms, paintings, and even a stationmaster’s office. Admission prices are quite cheap ranging from €2.00 to €3.50.

Slovene Ethnographic Museum

To learn more about the history of Slovenes, you must visit the Slovene Ethnographic Museum. It runs two permanent exhibitions charting the European and non-European heritage of Slovenians. In addition, it hosts public workshops and tours. Visitors can buy souvenirs from the gift shop.

Museum of Architecture and Design Ljubljana

This is the museum to visit if you are interested in architecture. It runs exhibitions related to design, architecture, as well as architecture-related photography. Since it is located at the Fuzine Castle, you can actually take time to see the castle after visiting this museum.

City Museum of Ljubljana

This museum has exhibitions charting this city’s rise from a Roman settlement to a metropolis with modern amenities and conveniences.

The city of Ljubljana has plenty to offer visitors interested in learning about the history of Slovenia and its people. You can achieve this goal by visiting the City Museum of Ljubljana, Railway museum, and Slovene Ethnographic Museum.