Ljubljana Shopping

Shopping Ljubljana slovenia

If you are taking a trip to Ljubljana, Slovenia for business or pleasure, make certain to create a bit of time in your schedule to go shopping. Ljubljana is a city packed with shopping centres, making it a great locale for both the casual and serious shopper. Check out the best locales for Ljubljana shopping:

BTC City

BTC City boasts the title of the biggest Ljubljana shopping centre, and indeed, it is simply enormous. Packing over 450 shops into the centre, you can find almost anything imaginable at BTC City.

All sorts of different restaurants and bars are located in the shopping centre to satisfy your wishes. If it’s entertainment you’re looking for, to go along with your shopping, BTC has that covered as well. With a multiplex cinema, a comedy theatre, go-cart racing, volleyball courts, and of course, BTC City’s famous enormous indoor waterpark Atlantis, you have everything you ever wanted. Shopping can quickly become a weeklong activity at BTC City, and that’s what makes it the best spot for shopping in Ljubljana.

Huge shopping centres like BTC City oftentimes charge vehicles to park at the centre, but that’s not the case with BTC City. The centre offers free parking for some 8,500 vehicles, meaning you can get lost in this vast expanse for however long you like, and not worry about racking up a parking fee while doing it. The centre is open from 09:00 to 20:00 every day of the week, but is closed on Sundays.


While its size pales in comparison to BTC City at 120 stores, Citypark still offers a great shopping selection. If you don’t want to get caught up in the sensory overload of BTC City, Citypark is the clear next best option for your Ljubljana shopping needs. Hosting a massive variety of designer and outlet stores, you can find all of your outfit needs at Citypark.

The centre also plays host to an Interspar hypermarket, blending together a supermarket and a department store. The hypermarket is a perfect one-stop-shop for grocery and general shopping needs.

In addition to all the stores, Citypark offers a wide range of eateries, from fast food to cultural eats like Thai food or traditional Slovenian. If you are looking to get some serious shopping done with a bit less of the fanfare, Citypark is the right spot to do your shopping.