Ljubljana, Slovenia – A crossroad of history beckons


One of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Europe is Ljubljana, Slovenia. Nestled between Austria and Hungary and close to Italy and Croatia, this lovely Eastern European town has the old world charm of all of them. The semi-continental climate is ideal for visiting all year round, thanks to warm summers and moderate winters. However, there is some snow in midwinter months and fog as well, so be mindful of that when making flying arrangements. Frequent light rains in autumn and winter make this Slovenian city a flower lover’s dream all year round.

Many historians consider Ljubljana the crossroads of Latin, Germanic and Slavic histories and cultures with its ancient building and rich legacy. Places like Ljubljana Castle, Tivoli Park, Dragon Bridge and the Cathedral of St. Nicholas, French Revolution Square, and the Fountain of Three Carniolan Rivers are examples of Antique meeting modern, along with the incredible and world class architecture for which Slovenia is known.

Ljubljana is the hub of Slovenian economic and administrative activity. It is filled with interesting places to visit and amazing people to meet. Cosmopolitan in ambiance, you will find that in addition to Slovenian, Italian, German and English are also widely spoken. Dozens of romantic restaurants feature gourmet French, Italian, Hungarian and German cuisine making the lovely location of Ljubljana, Slovenia one of the most eclectic places in Europe.

The centralized location also makes it a wonderful spot to rendezvous with other tourists or acquaintances that might be traveling or a great starting or ending point for your European vacation. Do not miss the gorgeous scenery of rolling green hills, flower filled meadows and the surrounding Alps. The beauty of the surrounding natural picture postcard scenes enhances hiking, picnicking or just gathering your thoughts. Take a holiday you will always remember in the picturesque Slovenia Ljubljana.