Ljubljana weather ̵ a guide for tourists


The weather conditions in Slovenia vary considerably. In the north, the country has an Alpine climate, whereas the coastal areas boast Mediterranean temperatures and in the Pannonian Plain, the climate is continental. Ljubljana weather is greatly affected by the geographical location of the city. It sits in a large basin that spans from the pre-Alpine area of Slovenia, to the karst regions. In August and July, the average temperature is twenty-five degrees Celsius. In January, the average temperature drops to zero degrees Celsius.

Seasonal climate trends

Throughout the winter, Ljubljana undergoes the infamous temperature inversion. This is a meteorological process, whereby moist and cold air accumulates near to the ground. Over the summertime, Ljubljana weather is impacted by warm streams of air coming from the Mediterranean. This means that summers in Ljubljana are reasonably hot.

Summer activities

Tourists flock to Ljubljana in the summer. There are numerous festivals and events going on at this time, through which visitors can learn more about the city’s culture and history. Outdoor sports also top the list of preferred tourist activities.

Winter activities

Over the winter months, tourists often use Ljubljana as a base for traveling to the local ski resorts. Tourists typically stay at these resorts for a couple of days. Indoor events are popular during the colder periods too, as are the many bars and restaurants.

Fall activities

Trees in the region start to change color in fall, which is undoubtedly a picturesque spectacle of breathtaking beauty. Temperatures can already get quite low around this time, so outdoor events are rare. Nonetheless, there are numerous indoor events to choose from.

Spring activities

During springtime, the weather is mild, with episodic rain throughout March and April, so tourists and local people can often sample the great outdoors. Many people enjoy visiting the various parks, whereas others prefer to sit and eat a meal in a restaurant patio. The tourist season is at its busiest over the summer months, so spring is a nice time to visit the city because the whole atmosphere is much calmer.