Mike’s quest: a visit to Ljubljana


Mike is an avid traveler. Although he has visited many countries around the world, he has a penchant for Ljubljana. According to him, no other city has the same blend of traditional and contemporary buildings. Three bridges, which connect the old city of Ljubljana with the modern one, testify his view. “Where else on earth can you enjoy hamburgers made with horse’s meat?” he asks? He prefers taking one of the numerous international airliners that connect other countries with Aerodrom Ljubljana (Ljubljana Airport).


Mike prefers to stay in Old Town Rooms and Apartments, a three star hotel, located in the heart of the city. Apart from being budget friendly, it is located close to the train station. He prefers its contemporary style accommodation and other modern amenities like free Wi-Fi access. Apart from this, the city has numerous other hotels including Hotel Meksiko, Hotel Center Ljubljana, and Hotel Lev.

Tourist spots

National gallery of Slovenia

Founded in 1918, this art museum designed by František Škabrout, a Czech architect, was shifted to its present location in Ljubljana in 1919. Mike, a connoisseur of medieval art recommends tourists to view the extensive art collections by famous European & Slovene artists such as Rihard Jakopič, Anton Ažbe, and Giovanni Baglione exhibited in this museum.

Cekin Mansion

Lovers of contemporary history should visit this mansion, which lies in close proximity to Ljubljana’s Tivoli Hall. The permanent exhibits in it, including photographs and artworks, provide glimpses of Slovenians of the 20th century.


Since Mike is a vegetarian, he prefers to eat at the Vegedrom, the sole specialist vegetarian restaurant in Ljubljana. However, he suggests that visitors should also check other restaurants like Gostilna na Gradu, Špajza, Mencigar Nobile, Ljubljanski Dvor, and Ribca.


Mike never misses an opportunity to pick up souvenirs for his loved ones whenever he visits Ljubljana. He recommends Galerija Rustika, 3 Muhe, Gudar, and Old Town Souvenirs. He suggests that visitors should also visit Midas, famous for its wide range of global fashion brands like Prada, Gucci, Giorgio Armani, and many more.