MindMaze Ljubljana

Mindmaze Ljubljana SloveniaMindmaze Ljubljana SloveniaMindmaze Ljubljana SloveniaMindmaze Ljubljana SloveniaMindmaze Ljubljana Slovenia

The Escape Room

MindMaze Ljubljana is an interactive adventure in which a group of people are locked in a room and must find a way to escape in under an hour. Escaping, however, is not as simple as it may seem. The room is full of both everyday and unusual objects, each of which may be the key to freedom. To escape the room, the players must piece together hints and clues, unlock locks, crack codes, and solve an ancient mystery.

The history of the game

In the 16th century, a famous alchemist lived in Ljubljana who was searching for the greatest secret of all time, the Philosopher’s stone, which can turn any metal to gold. The Philosopher’s stone most secret ingredient is the dragon egg. The egg was stolen from the Ljubljana Dragon that used to live in the marshes surrounding the Ljubljanica river. As the legend goes, the dragon egg is still hidden in this secret chamber waiting for discovery. Explore this 16th century alchemist’s chamber and find the greatest treasure of all time – the egg of the Ljubljana Dragon’ that helps turn metals into gold.

The rules of the game

The game is open to everyone over 7 years of ae (15+ with supervision) who wishes to come and enter the chamber. The establishment has strict rules against smoking, drugs, alcohol and dangerous items so don’t bring any with you. The game is a fun, interactive experience, which exercises your mind, and your mind is the only equipment you will need to play. The goal is to escape the room within 60 minutes, but if your team can’t do it in time, you will have 15 additional minutes after which a countdown will start.

The room hosts one group of people at a time. The group can be 2-3 persons or 4-5 persons large. The distinction of size matters, as 2-3 people game is 50€ and 4-5 people game is priced at 60€. Gather your friends and colleagues or go on a teambuilding experience in the MindMaze in Ljubljana.

Fun and brain excitement are guaranteed, so get ready for this epic escape room quest and find out whether the legend of the Dragon’s egg still being in the chamber is true.