SNG Opera and Ballet Ljubljana

Opera in Balet Ljubljana SloveniaOpera in Balet Ljubljana SloveniaOpera in Balet Ljubljana SloveniaOpera in Balet Ljubljana SloveniaOpera in Balet Ljubljana Slovenia

If you are looking for things to do in Ljubljana, there is a vast variety of options. One is to take a visit to the SNG Opera and Ballet Ljubljana and see what it has to offer. Anyone who enjoys musical theatre and watching performances would definitely appreciate spending time here.

The Slovenian Musical Theatre shares with everyone who visits a vast repertoire of ballets, operas, and concerts of all sorts. The performances at this location incorporate all sorts of talent and different elements of both classical and modern styles. There are both seasonal and off-season repeat performances. The Slovenian National Theatre Opera and Ballet Ljubljana has succeeded for several years in staging its own productions, as well as collaborating with a variety of co-producers that hail from both the native Slovenia and other locations abroad as well. Notable performances that have been put together and performed on these stages include Faust, The Love for Three Oranges, Aida, Prince Igor, and Don Quixote. The world premiere of the Offenbach’s new discovery, The Rhine Nymphs, was a truly engaging and memorable performance that had this stage as its backdrop and wowed many.

Whether you enjoy watching dance, orchestral performances or the opera, there will be something here for you at any point during the year. The high quality shows that are played in this theatre are truly worth watching for residents and tourists alike.

There are multiple options for parking when you do come to see the performance of your choice, and you will be able to park in either open air or in a garage, as there are many areas where you can park just minutes away from the theatre.

Additionally, it is requested that all patrons of the theatre dress in a way that shows respect to the atmosphere and the performers. It is not required that you dress very formally, but it is discouraged to wear casual or sporting clothes when you are coming to watch a performance in this theatre. It is recommended that you arrive at the theatre at least 20 minutes before the start of the performance.