TheKey Escape room Ljubljana

Escape Room TheKey LjubljanaEscape Room TheKey LjubljanaEscape Room TheKey LjubljanaEscape Room TheKey LjubljanaEscape Room TheKey Ljubljana


If you are staying in Ljubljana, there is no shortage of things to do. If you are a fan of games, for example, you may want to try out TheKey Escape room Ljubljana.

TheKey is an escape room, which is a very popular type of entertainment in this region. You will have a mere 70 minutes to navigate your way to freedom within two rooms. In order to successfully complete this task, you will need to employ several skills with the people around you, including teamwork, creativity, communication, observation, and communication.

One of these rooms is inspired by Leonardo DaVinci, and the other is inspired by Sherlock Holmes. DaVinci’s Room will challenge you to think like the great master himself, and find the key to the time machine. Once you find it, you will travel in the game to four centuries in the future, into the realm of Sherlock Holmes and into Sherlock’s Room. In this room, you will have to work a different part of your brain. This room was inspired by this fictional character, a detective, as many people already know. He was known for his incredible talent for adapting to any situation in which he found himself, as well as his reasoning abilities. In this room, you will be prompted to solve riddles, find logical connections, and uncover hidden objects in order to lead you to your final destination within the game, which involves finding a key that will lead you to your freedom.

The game is designed for several people to play together. As such, if you are in the city with several friends or co-workers, this will be an entertaining and stimulating way to spend an afternoon. You will work together and pool all of your respective mental talents to play this game and see if you, as a group, have what it takes to free yourselves within the allotted 70-minute time frame. If you are able to do so, you will know that you work well together and have real talents. It will be a lot of fun and require you to use your brain as well.