Vacation in fabulous Ljubljana


The largest historic city in Slovenia is its capital Ljubljana. This opulent city of cultural traditions is diversified with modern scientific and research institutes. Industry aside, there is a delightful magnitude of amusement and attractions, beginning with museums. Ancient 2000 year old cultural remains of the Roman city Emona are commemorated on the streets of Ljubljana. Tickets to the museums and other leading enthrallments on the circular route are attainable at the City Museum.

You won’t want to miss the Ljubljana Zoo, a wonderful protected nature park, only a short walk from the center of town. Animal collections from every continent abide comfortably in the meadows and natural forests.

If you are a dance enthusiast of any genre, there are lessons especially for an international Swing Festival in which you can participate. The exclusive Ljubljana Castle hosts Saturday dance evenings for those with a cadence to music. The Castle is also the sight of St. Martin’s Dance where strangers may find friends, relaxation and naturally, dancing. Do you tango? Professionals and amateurs alike are invited to the Ljubljana Tango Festival. Finally yet importantly, the Ljubljana Castle also holds the Pre-Christmas Dance. It is a fine round up of frolic for the light on their feet crowd.

For the enthusiastic festivalgoer, the visual art festival of designers celebrates a month of design in the fall of the year. In September, the Ljubljana Taste Festival (Festival Okusov) conducts food tastings right next door. Savor the original flavors of the region. Music of Japan is notable at the Slowing Festival where wind instruments are the focus. Various Film Festivals are celebrated in Ljubljana also.

Lodging accommodations range from youth hostels, apartments and pensions to camping sites and hotels. Restaurants or breakfast bars are handy in some locations. Bed and breakfasts and comfortable family convenience hotels are plentiful in Ljubljana, Slovenia.