Visiting Ljubljana on a tight budget is easy!

Visiting Ljubljana

Catherine has recently returned from a trip to Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, and wants to share her experience with you. Since Cathy was traveling on a tight budget, and wanted to save as much cash as possible, she searched online for Ljubljana cheap flights. Several international airlines such as Air France, Finnair, EasyJet, and Turkish Airlines connect Ljubljana with the rest of the world. Although guided tours are available, Catherine decided to travel independently, since it would provide her greater freedom.

Transport and accommodation

While booking her flights online, she found several three star hotels like Azul, Jagodic, and Silvester, located in close proximity to the airport. Although taxi services are available, Cathy opted for the Alpetour bus service to save on transportation costs.

Tourist spots

Triple Bridge

This group of three bridges that pass over the Ljubljanica River connects the medieval town of Ljubljana with its modern counterpart. It is called Tromostovje in Slovenian. It connects Prešernov Trg with the other bank of Ljubljanica, where you can find the Castle and the Central market, and the bridge is a beautiful sight in itself.

Ljubljana Cathedral

Catherine was amazed by the twin towers and green dome of this Baroque style Cathedral, which is located in close proximity to the Town Hall and Ljubljana Central Market. The local people informed her that this structure was previously a Gothic Church.

Ljubljana central market

This two-storied market is famous for stalls that sell spices, herbs, flowers, bakery, dried fruit, dairy products, and local handicrafts. Cathy found it the ideal spot to purchase souvenirs for her friends and family members.


Ljubljana has numerous restaurants like Ribca, Roxly Bar & Restaurant, Mencigar – Nobile Restaurant, and Juice Bar Juicebox. Catherine decided to opt for Hot Horse, since it is the sole restaurant in the world that offers original Horseburger. As its name suggests, all food served in this restaurant is made from horsemeat.

Festivals and events

Cathy visited Ljubljana in February since it provided her an opportunity to see three famous cultural events of the city – the Herring Feast, Dragon Carnival, and the Slovenian cultural holiday. She suggests others to visit this city during this month and advises to book accommodation, as well as getting a cheap flight to Ljubljana well in advance.