Ljubljana restaurants

Ljubljana RestaurantsLjubljana RestaurantsLjubljana RestaurantsLjubljana Restaurants

Some of the top attractions of Ljubljana are the restaurants in this Slovenian city. Most people in Ljubljana love good food so it is not a surprise to find many excellent restaurants all over the city. It is also safe to assume that many people who run Ljubljana restaurants want their customers to eat very well. This is why some of these eateries offer large portions with extra helpings, for people really who love to eat. In most restaurants here, it is possible to get very good food, excellent service and decent prices. This is a great combination and this is something that keeps visitors to Ljubljana coming back for more.

Eating on the hoof

For people who plan to do a lot of walking in Ljubljana, the best bet is eating on the hoof. Fortunately, almost every street in this city has at least one restaurant. Eating at local restaurants here is a treat because this is one way to experience the real Ljubljana.

Eating in swank restaurants

Some visitors to Ljubljana prefer to eat in the restaurants recommended by friends or tourist guides. In this case, visitors to Ljubljana have many options and the good thing about these restaurants is that they cater to every taste.

Bazilika Bistro

This is the perfect place for vegetarians and lovers of organic food. This restaurant is located opposite the Presidential Palace. The ingredients used to prepare the meals here are sourced directly from local farmers so customers are guaranteed fresh food every day of the week.

The Hisa Kulinarike Manna

This restaurant is located in a quiet and pretty street in Ljubljana. It opens all year round and offers traditional Slovene cuisine. This beautiful restaurant also has a charming garden as well as a terrace where diners can relax and enjoy snacks and drinks.

Other restaurants in Ljubljana include the ones below:

  • Gostilna Gorjanc
  • Gujzina
  • Hot Horse
  • Tandoori

Some visitors to Ljubljana claim that the best thing about restaurants in this city is that the food is prepared with love. This is a powerful testimony and a great recommendation. Try out Ljubljana restaurants and get firsthand experience.