Open Kitchen Ljubljana

Open Kitchen Ljubljana SloveniaOpen Kitchen Ljubljana SloveniaOpen Kitchen Ljubljana SloveniaOpen Kitchen Ljubljana SloveniaOpen Kitchen Ljubljana Slovenia

Bustling Food Market

Odprta Kuhna – Open Kitchen in English, is a high-quality food market located in Ljubljana, Slovenia’s capital city. It is no everyday market, however. It’s open each Friday from the middle of March into October. The city’s Old Town district morphs into a vast open kitchen (as the name indicates) that displays the delectable foods of some of the nation’s finest dining establishments. Not only does the kitchen offer foods from some of the nation’s best restaurants, but it also offers items from regional beverage vendors, food vendors and farms. 

Diverse Cuisines

People who wish to experience a genuine taste of Slovenia are sure to appreciate this market. The market isn’t exclusive to Slovenian fare, however. It also has an abundance of meals from locations all over the globe. The market stalls are bustling and alive with delicious international flavours and aromas.

Convenient City Location

The central market has a convenient location in the city. The Pogačarjev trg square is a section of the market. It’s within steps of prominent sites such as the Ljubljana Castle and the Cathedral, as well. Other nearby landmarks are the Cathedral of St. Nicholas, Kresija, the Triple Bridge and Škofijski dvorec. People who wish to explore the heritage and beauty of the capital are sure to appreciate the lively central location of the market.

A Wonderful Place to Relax

Many people visit the Open Kitchen Ljubljana not only to enjoy scrumptious foods from high-quality restaurants in the area but also to relax and socialise with others. Since the food market is such a popular attraction, it welcomes many people from all over the city every week. Many people visit the market with their friends and family members. They enjoy great conversation and bond over terrific foods.

New Food Offerings

The food market welcomes new food options all the time. People who run tourist farms and eateries, for example, can apply to join the market via the website. People who are independent chefs can do the same. The market encourages the possibility of exciting new flavours. This is why the food market’s meal offerings are constantly changing.