Water Park Atlantis Ljubljana

Atlantis Ljubljana SloveniaAtlantis Ljubljana SloveniaAtlantis Ljubljana SloveniaAtlantis Ljubljana Slovenia

Water Park Fun

People who are searching for exciting things to do in Ljubljana are sure to enjoy a visit to Water Park Atlantis Ljubljana. This bright and friendly water park offers 16 individual pools, four of which are designated for children. Visitors who are looking for relaxation and fun in the sun while in Ljubljana are sure to have the experience of a lifetime at Atlantis.

Many Choices in Pools

When people visit this water park, they have many exhilarating choices available to them. They can experience the thrills of the outdoor recreation pool, the adventure pool, the indoor thermal pool, the outdoor thermal pool, the wave pool and the outdoor sauna pool, to name several prominent examples. They can have fun in the cascade baths. They can spend time in the two whirlpools. They can feel serene in the calm pool. The options at Atlantis are seemingly endless for people looking to have some good, old-fashioned fun.

Various Sauna Choices

The park also has a vast selection of cosy saunas. There are 15 saunas in total, most of which are themed. These include the miner’s sauna, the earth sauna, the eucalyptus sauna, the infrared sauna, the muddy sauna and the alpine sauna.

Soothing Thai Massages

Pools and saunas aren’t the only types of entertainment and leisure available at Atlantis, either. When guests want to unwind, they can stop by the on-site massage salon to choose between a wide number of soothing Thai massages. The salon consists of five distinct massage sections and is part of the Thermal Temple‘s gallery. Note that guests don’t necessarily need to set foot into Atlantis to experience the massage salon.

Park Dining

Food is also a big focus at Atlantis. Guests at Atlantis can savour many high-quality dining options. The Adventure World section of the park is home to a restaurant that offers a broad array of meals. People who are in the mood for light foods can nosh on salad and fruit at Sauna Land. Thirsty guests can even chug down vitamin drinks at the Thermal Temple. Delectable homemade ice cream is available at numerous spots throughout the park, as well.

Opening Hours

This water park is open on a daily basis. It’s even open on holidays and Sundays. On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, it’s open between the hours of 9:00 and 21:00. On holidays and weekends, it’s open slightly longer — between the hours of 9:00 and 22:00.